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Exploring Real Places
There are two main pages in the Explore section: Find Places and Walk Around.

Find Places

This is where you can browse around on a map to find interesting places or search for places by tag, location or name.

In the Move Map field you can enter any city, state, country or US zip code.

  • If more than one match is found a list will be shown with up to 10 items to choose from. If you enter enough information to make your search unambiguous the map will immediately move to that place without showing a list.

    For example, searching for "portland" will display a list of several cities and places around the world, but searching for "portland o", "portland, or" or "portland oreg" will move directly to Portland, Oregon.
In the Find Places field you can perform three different kinds of searches.

  • Tag Search. This is the typical search for tags (keywords). Searching for "park" will find all places that have been tagged with the word "park", but not "parkland" or "parkway".
  • Place Name Search. You can search for a specific place name by using "place:" or "name:" followed by a place name or partial place name. Searching for "place:way" or "name:way" will find all places with names that include "way", i.e. "WestParkway3" or "wayfarer_apartments".
  • Username Search. You can search for places created by specific users by entering "user:" followed by a username or partial username. Searching for "user:fan" will find all places created by users whose username includes "fan", like "fannie_mae" or "lakersfan".
The Results section shows a list of places that match the search terms. If "On This Map Only" is checked, only places that match the search terms AND are on the visible portion of the map will be shown.

In the results list, clicking on the place name will display an info-balloon on the map with basic information about the place. Clicking [+] will zoom in to get a closer look at the place on the overhead view and clicking "Walk" will bring you to the Walk Around page where you can view and navigate the place from a first-person perspective.

Walk Around

[More info coming here...]
This is where you actually get to walk around and look at places as if you were there. There are three main sections, the first-person view, the overhead map and the comments.

The first-person view is on the left side, and shows a view of the real world.

The overhead map is on the right side, and shows a top-down view of where you are.

The comments area is below the overhead map and first-person view, and comments update dynamically as you walk around to match your current view.

This section is designed to explore and enjoy. Just try things. :-)