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There are lots of features we plan to add and there are still some quirks, but the basic functionality is all here to create great places, and we appreciate feedback. Click the Forum link above (must be signed in) and go to Suggestions or Bugs, as appropriate. Or, you can drop a note via our Contact Page. Thanks!

There are two main sections in RealPlaces, Explore and Create. Explore is where you can visit real places around the world up close and in-person from a first-person point of view. Create is where you can build your own real places to share with others.

After you explore some of the places that others have created, try to create a place of your own - even if it's just one or two spots. As you will see, there is a wide range of style, detail and quality among the existing places. Feel free to experiment, your places are private - visible only to you - until you choose to make them visible to others.


There are two main pages in the Explore area: Find Places and Walk Around.

When you are ready to create your own places, here's an overview of what you'll do:

Of course there are many tips and tricks to make this process faster and easier, and we've compiled a lot of helpful information here for you. Continue to the Creating page for more details.