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Help: Create
Help and tips for creating your own places is organized as follows:

Place Design A visual look at place layouts. Give this a quick glance right away, then come back to it as a reference.
Before You Shoot (tips) Skim this page before you shoot your first pictures, and read it again before you go out to shoot something substantial. These are tips gleaned from real-world experience!
After You Shoot (tutorial) This is a tutorial designed to help you load your photos and create your first place, step-by-step. The page is long, but don't worry - it's just written in gory detail with lots of pictures.
User Interface This is a detailed look at various tasks performed on the Create pages and the user interface elements used to accomplish those tasks. Because there are still some aspects of the existing UI that are not easily discoverable (sorry!), you'll need to read either this page or "After You Shoot" at least once.

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