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Help: Me Section
There are two pages in the Me section of RealPlaces:
My Profile and My Account
My Profile
This is simply an overview of you and your Places. Most of this information is optional, public by nature, and visible to everyone. The exception is that your unpublished Places are only visible to you! They are displayed in gray as a reminder that they are not publicly visible.

Under your avatar and site statistics, you'll see your Location, Interests, etc. These can be entered and edited on your My Account page.
My Account
This page is mostly straightforward, but here are some notes and tips:
  • Who Am I

    Here is where you can upload an avatar picture and enter your real name (both are optional).

    When you upload an avatar image, make sure it is square! If you upload a rectangular image, we will squish or stretch it to make it square, and it probably won't look like what you expected.
  • Change Password

    Just what it says, allows you to change your password.

    We strongly encourage you to change your password when you first create your account.
  • My Preferences

    Currently, there is only one preference here, but more will come.

    Show Unrated Places:
    When users publish new places, they are not screened at all. As users and staff look at them and rate them, they become visible to the public (assuming all is okay). To see ALL places, including new, unrated ones, enable this preference.

    We encourage you to enable this preference and help us rate new Places!
  • Facts About Me

    Just a few basic profile items, all optional. Any that you fill in will show up on your Profile page.

    But you can make up a fact of your own. Be creative!

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