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Help: Overview
There are two main things to do in RealPlaces: Explore and Create.

- Exploring is simply visiting real places around the world from a first-person point of view.
- Creating is where you can build your own real places to share with others.

After you explore some of the places that others have created, try creating a place of your own - even if it's just one or two spots. Feel free to experiment; your places are private until you choose to make them visible to others.

View: A photo taken from a first-person perspective, which has been assigned its precise physical location and facing-direction.

Zoom: (Zoomed view)  A close-up photo, or an alternate view. Typically used to show detail not visible in the standard view.

Spot: An organized set of views facing in multiple directions from a single position.

Place: A set of one or more spots, logically linked together to facilitate movement. This is what RealPlaces is all about!
There are two main pages in the Explore section:

Find Places Lets you browse or search for places by location, names or tags.

Walk Around Lets you walk around and see places from ground level.

See Help:Explore for more details. When you are ready to create your own places, here's an overview of what you'll do:

  1. Take your pictures
  2. Upload them
  3. Sort them by spot
  4. Locate your spots on a map and link them together
  5. Preview your place and share!

Of course there are many tips and tricks to make this process faster and easier, and we've compiled a lot of helpful information here for you. See Help:Create for more details.

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