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Help: Sharing Your Places
Here are some different ways to share Real Places with your friends.
  • Tweet it!

    Click our button to share with your Twitter pals! This is right on our widget, so you can give a quick tweet any time you're walking around any Real Place.
  • Share a Place on Facebook

    Click our button to share a Place you like on Facebook.
    You can share any Place you like, it doesn't matter if someone else created it.
  • Put a live, working widget on your blog or web site

    Currently, you get the <embed> code on our Explore-->WalkAround page. Yes, we know this isn't super-convenient, and we'll be making it easier, but for now, just find the Place on the WalkAround page and click [share], right above the map. This will give you the code to paste into your site.
  • Share a link via email or IM

    You can get the link by visiting the Explore-->WalkAround page (as described in the above paragraph), but you can also just use:

    Be sure to spell the username and placename exactly as it's listed, including upper/lower case and underscores.
Spread the Word!
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